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Stellar Results Delivered by
Skilled Professionals

Kick-start your agriculture or construction project with land clearing services
from experienced professionals. Contact us to get started!

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Land Clearing Done Right

Get a site ready for farming or construction with help from Eager Beaver Land Clearing, a company in Springfield, Missouri providing land clearing services beyond compare. Our services include:

  • Yard Leveling
  • Rock Spreading
  • Brush Hogging (Brambles, Briars, Blackberries, Scrub Trees, and Weeds)
  • Trail Blazing
  • Fence Installation for Pastures
  • Dirt Removal
  • Snow Removal (Driveways and Parking Lots)

Before & After

Fence Row Clearing For Pastures 

(Livestock Fence Installation coming soon!)

Affordable Aerial Tours Also Available 

Book aerial tours and/or take photographs from the air aboard aircraft flown by skilled pilots. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our services and to request a free quote or estimate. We accept all forms of payment, and financing may be available with approved credit.

Why Choose Us

Our team is comprised of dependable professionals dedicated to providing quality services. We accept all forms of payment, and financing may be available with approved credit. You can always count on us to deliver exceptional results on time and within budget.

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